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On ‘Wear It Purple Day’, raise awareness of the experiences of LGBTIQA+ young people and show them that there is hope, support, and acceptance for those with diverse sexuality, sex and/or gender and that they have the right to be proud of who they are.

Friday 26 August 2022 is Wear it Purple Day.

Founded in 2010, the day was conceived in response to global stories of real teenagers, real heartache and their very real response to bullying and harassment resulting from the lack of acceptance of their sexuality and gender identity. Unfortunately, many of these teenagers took their own lives due to victimisation and cruelty.

As the world viewed the faces of these precious young lives so sadly lost, some young people found a new sense of conviction and purpose to ensure that young people everywhere would know that there were people who did support and love them.

Wear it Purple has developed into an international movement promoting an annual expression of support and acceptance to rainbow young people.

This year’s theme of Wear it Purple Day is Still me, Still human.

ANMF supports Wear it Purple day – 26 August 2022

The ANMF encourage you to join us on August 26th to be a part of a movement that has the potential to save thousands of lives. You can show your support on Wear it Purple Day by wearing something purple, hosting a purple morning tea (blueberry muffins or cupcakes are always popular) or acknowledging the day via social media. As health care advocates, we can ally ourselves to raise awareness and celebrate the human rights of young people from the LGBTQIA+ community in order to foster safe and inclusive environments for young rainbow nurses, midwives and carers.

For more information about Wear it Purple go to Our Story — WEAR IT PURPLE