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Stress – It’s a small word with an outsized ability to affect the way we think, feel and behave. 

Many see stress as a somewhat fluffy mental concept, but that couldn’t be further from the truth… It’s a physiological powerhouse that affects almost every system and process in the human body.

Why dealing with stress is important

While different things stress different people to different levels, when we succumb to stress the physical response of the body is basically universal.

We stop thinking clearly, our immune systems become compromised, our eating habits change, we become ‘tense’ and less able to deal with the challenges that life invariably throws our way.

In other words… our bodies become single-mindedly geared for ‘fight or flight’… to respond in a ‘physical’ way to 21st century challenges which require a more thoughtful, considered response.  Exactly the opposite of what we need to remain effective and healthy.

The Power of Calm App

There are a number of techniques to overcome stress .  Guided apps such as The Power of Calm app are tools that  help shut down the exhausting ‘misplaced’ physical response that stress can bring on.

The App, offered by Compact Health, can be beneficial as it teaches users to guide their minds and bodies away from ‘punching at shadows’ to a more quiet balanced state of calm, clarity and peak performance… anywhere, anytime.

ANMF Federal Educational Officer, Jodie Davis said the Power of Calm App is usually offered at a discounted price to those undertaking the Power of Calm course, on the CPE website.

“However in light of the Covid-19 pandemic  and the stressful environment it has created for nurses, midwives and AINs Compact Health are offering FREE access to this app for ANMF, NSWNMA and QNMU members until 30 June 2020.”

The app includes a set of 3 x 10 min ‘basics videos’ which will change the way you think about stress and explain how it can be reduced using a simple, scientific technique whenever you need it most.

There is also full access to a set of powerful relaxation exercises that can help rebalance your nervous system in as little as a couple of minutes.

The exercises are based on a combination of calming sounds and guided breathing… calm at your fingertips 24/7.

For those who like a little structure while learning a new skill, the app offers a 14-day program that will guide you through two weeks of relaxation protocols, reminding you when it’s time to take a few minutes out to reset, and giving you the option to choose a ‘buddy’ to help monitor your progress and inspire great compliance.

At the end of the two weeks you will have a new skill for life and a good idea of what we mean by ‘The Power of Calm’.

The Power of Calm app has helped thousands of people all around the world address stress in a simple scientific way. It has been used by individuals, large corporations and health practitioners alike as powerful first order stress management intervention.

No fluff, no chanting at the sunrise, the app just teaches you a just a simple scientifically based technique to help you flip the switch from stressed to ‘calmer’ anywhere, anytime you need it most.

The app is available on both Apple and Android phones.

More information and download links are available here.

If you want to learn more about the physiology of stress and how it can affect you and your patients The Power of Calm course offered by ANMF is an additional resource.