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Shoe rotation is of upmost importance for both your health and the health of your footwear. Many podiatrists recommend shoe rotation to their clients for various reasons. Recent evidence based literature has also concluded that shoe rotation reduces the chance of suffering from painful conditions of the foot such as plantar fasciitis (heel pain)  (Werner R 2010).

Shoe rotation involves alternating the pair of shoes you wear day to day, rather than wearing the same pair day in, day out.  At FRANKiE4, we suggest including at least two different styles from our range of footwear onto a rotation. Rotation provides:

  1. Change for your muscles and joints, reducing the chance of repetitive overload. Rotating between at least two of our styles ensures that the muscles in your feet and legs function slightly differently in each pair.
  2. Recovery time for your shoes, enabling the cushioning materials to “bounce back” to their optimal form between wears. This will enable each pair to provide maximal cushioning and shock absorption for your feet and lower limb, keeping you comfortable and reducing your chance of strain or injury.
  3. Adequate time to clean or disinfect shoes if required. Check out our guide for cleaning your DUTY shoes adhering to the current advice from the World Health Organisation.

Our bodies were not created to stand on hard surfaces such as concrete, tiles and wooden floors, nor were they designed to undertake repetitive actions. Using our muscles and joints more frequently than they were intended to be used or holding them in the same position for long periods of time can cause undue stress and potentially cause injury and pain.

We are unable to change the surface upon which you live and work, but thankfully, the space between the ground and your foot is our obsession! Our shoes have been purposefully constructed for prolonged standing and walking activities and will withstand the stresses of your day to day life. Our thoughtful designs contribute to reducing the impact of repetitive loading. The functional footbed aims to align the foot and contribute to normal lower limb biomechanics. Podiatrist and physiotherapist designed moulded soles are crafted with an elevation within the optimal range for foot function in shoes. Only select materials are used to create our footwear, providing maximal cushioning and durability for the wearer.

To further ensure that our shoes provide the best support, adequate recovery time between wears is recommended. Without it, cushioning materials may lose their ideal shape and form, accelerating wear and tear. It is also noted that cross contamination may occur if you are working in at risk environments such as hospitals or labs, so it is important to rotate your footwear, to clean them and allow them to fully dry to avoid this.

Only FRANKiE4 offers podiatrist and physiotherapist designed footwear that has been purposefully built to tolerate prolonged periods of standing and walking. Rotate our footwear and feel the difference in your step!

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