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When it comes to caring for the carers, Nurses & Midwives Health has you covered.

As the health insurance for nurses, midwives and their families, caring for the carers is at the heart of everything we do.

That’s why Nurses & Midwives Health has created a range of initiatives designed to help our members navigate life’s ups and downs. The measures are designed to reflect the changing health requirements of nurses and midwives, particularly since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Below, we’ve outlined a few:

Improvements to Extras benefits

We’ve improved benefits on the services our members have told us they need the most – psychology, podiatry, telehealth and optical.


COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of mental health support, so we’ve improved psychology benefits on all our Extras covers – including introducing benefits for psychology services on our entry level cover, StarterPak.

We’ve also:

  • Increased the benefit for an initial consultation from $72 to $100 (Top Extras)
  • Increased the overall limit on our cover from $250 to $300 (Essential Extras)


Foot health is so important, especially when you’re on your feet all day. That’s why we’ve increased the benefits received on an initial podiatry consultation from $40 to $45 (Top Extras) and introduced benefits for pre-made orthotics that are moulded, or heat moulded.


While we’ve always paid benefits towards telepsychology under Extras cover, we’ve permanently extended it to cover a wider range of services including speech therapy, dietetics, lactation consultants and accredited mental health social workers.


To provide greater value to members, even those without Extras cover, we’ve expanded our Optical Preferred Provider Network. Members can now access a range of offers and discounts from Specsavers, OPSM, Laubman & Pank, and

Other pandemic-relief initiatives

 The above measures are just a few of a raft of initiatives provided by Nurses & Midwives Health to better support our members during the pandemic. But it doesn’t end there.

We’ve also:

  • Deferred the 2022 premium increase until 1 October 2022. Along with the deferral of the 2020 premium increase, this is expected to provide an estimated $26 million in savings for members of Teachers Health Group (comprising Nurses & Midwives Health, Teachers Health and UniHealth)
  • Rolled over all unused 2021 Extras annual limits
  • Announced a phone-based Mental Wellness Program for eligible members with Hospital cover via Teachers Healthcare Services
  • Ensured our New Family Program remains open to members with Hospital cover to help families who may struggle to access standard ante and postnatal services during COVID-19
  • Introduced cover for COVID-19 hospital admissions, including those who suffer adverse reactions or side effects to a COVID-19 vaccine
  • Offered relief for those experiencing financial hardship

Increase in the age of eligible dependants

In other exciting news for our members, Nurses & Midwives Health now allows eligible dependants to remain on family cover until they’re 32.

It follows a non-mandatory introduction by the Federal Government to allow dependants to remain on family cover longer.  While not all health funds have taken it up, we’ve chosen to introduce the measure to help provide continuity of care for young people and address affordability challenges they may be facing.  This is especially important for those starting out in the nursing and midwifery industry.

With younger people more likely to skip necessary healthcare costs and specialist treatment, the increase in age dependency means eligible members won’t have to compromise on their health needs.

The change comes after almost three-quarters (74%) of our members revealed they’d consider adding their adult dependant back on their cover if the age was increased.

We’re for members, not profit

Being not-for-profit, we’re proud that we can give more back to members (rather than delivering hefty payouts to shareholders). It means we can listen, and respond to, our members’ needs better.  Making members our number one focus means you can focus on making your health a priority too.

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