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Nurses and midwives are invited to fill out an online survey to help identify the most pressing health issues for multiple-birth families, reduce twin and multiple mortality and morbidity, and to improve long term health outcomes.

The initiative developed by Global Twins and Multiples Priority Setting Partnership aims to identify the top five to 10 priorities for research into twins’ and multiples’ health.

The study is being led collaboratively by Twins Research Australia, based at the University of Melbourne, TAMBA UK, and St George’s University of London.

The partnership believes there has been insufficient focus and attention given to the specific health needs of the multiple-birth community even though the number of multiple births has increased over time. The disadvantage experienced by multiple-birth families is discussed further here.

The online survey asks participants to suggest up to three important unanswered research questions on the health of multiples, including development, health, disease, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

Participants can complete the 15 minute survey or find out more information by clicking on this link. The survey closes 5 November 2018.

People who complete the first survey will receive an invitation to participate in a second short survey in around six months’ time. This will ask you to rank the top 10 research questions identified in the first survey.