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Australian researchers have developed a new online program to help people living with chronic pain better self-regulate and handle negative emotions as well as mitigate painful flare-ups.

The Emotional Recovery Program, developed by researchers at Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) and UNSW, has shown to lessen pain intensity by teaching people living with chronic pain to regulate and dial down difficult and intense emotions.

One in five Australians experiences chronic pain, with the condition limiting people’s lives and often creating difficulties regulating emotions such as fear, worry, stress and low mood.

The program involves a blended treatment that includes six online emotion recovery skills training sessions delivered via Zom and a web app via interactive modules and video tutorials.

Emotional Recovery Trainer Nell Norman-Nott said the trial showed there is now evidence that learning skills in emotional regulation helps people dial down difficult and intense emotions and lessen the intensity of pain.

“We commonly hear from people with chronic pain that emotional problems such as intense anger, excessive worry and stress can increase the intensity of pain.  And the impact of COVID-19 has played a huge part in this, due to the contracted access to treatment due to clinic closures and the risk of infection.”

To learn more about the program email the Emotional Recovery Team at