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September 24th, 2018|

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A career in nursing is not only rewarding but also highly diverse. Many nurses have transitioned from clinical roles into managerial roles, blending their knowledge of hands-on patient care with the complex demands of managing a modern healthcare unit or division.

To support current and aspiring managers in a healthcare setting, the Australian Medical Association (WA) Inc, through their registered training organisation AMA Training Services, set about to create a dedicated Diploma in Health Administration.

Developed over a 14 month period with extensive input from both private and public hospitals, country health services, allied health providers, aged care providers and disability care providers, the result is the nationally accredited 10720NAT Diploma of Health Administration.

Whilst many of the demands of managers are universal, the industry and context in which managerial expertise is required can be quite different across various industries. The healthcare industry is one of the major global employers of staff and continues to experience significant growth. Doctors, nurses, allied health workers and carers are all an integral part of the healthcare sector, but so are professional health leaders. 

Via its 16 units of competency, the Diploma of Health Administration introduces students to key managerial concepts such as

  • Managing and being responsible for workplace health and safety
  • Managing budgets and financial forecasts
  • Managing a quality customer service
  • Managing legally and ethically
  • Managing the recruitment, selection and on-boarding of new staff
  • Managing staff performance and team effectiveness
  • Applying workplace statistics and implementing complex spreadsheet solutions
  • Managing risk
  • Undertake project work
  • Self-management and emotional resilience

Furthermore, key areas of health-specific leadership are covered, including:

  • The management and control of infection
  • The interpretation and application of medical terminology
  • The application of medical-related research to management practice
  • The management of key healthcare drivers such as funding and government policy

From the earliest stages of development, the AMA sought to work closely with a partner university to provide ongoing study opportunities. The AMA is proud that this process has led to a close partnership with Edith Cowan University (ECU), whose school of Business and Law claimed the number one ranking for public universities in the categories of Business and Management and Law and Paralegal Studies for overall quality of educational experience and teaching quality. The school also achieved the top public university ranking in Business and Management for skills development and student support.

The AMA worked closely with ECU during the development stages of the Diploma of Health Administration, in order to produce a qualification that industry wanted but also one that would offer students credit for further studies. As a result, students that complete the 10720NAT Diploma of Health Administration can continue to complete a Bachelor of Commerce with ECU with a one-year advance standing. 

The qualification can be completed over an 18-24 month period via the AMA’s unique and engaging Assisted Study Program (ASP). 

The Assisted Study Program was designed to ensure students benefit from a rich and structured learning experience without losing flexibility along the way. Under the ASP, two units of competency are completed per school term, which keeps school holidays free from study. During the term, students are provided with weekly lectures via the AMA’s virtual classroom environment. These lectures generally last for one hour. There are generally two such lectures per week, one per unit. The lectures are delivered live and the virtual classroom allows for a high level of interaction with students. However, sessions are also recorded and made available to all students to watch at their leisure.

For each term, students are given a comprehensive term planner, which shows when lectures are delivered as well as the recommended reading and project work to accompany that unit. There are no exams, the qualification is completed entirely by coursework. 

The AMA is delighted to be providing this bespoke qualification in support of our valued healthcare workforce.

For more information, visit or call AMA Training Services on 1800 248 292.

By Jan Norberger, General Manager – Education and Training  Australian Medical Association (WA) Inc

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