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A new online education program aimed at improving the diagnosis and management of people with asthma in Australian primary care has been launched by NPS MedicineWise.

Asthma is responsible for considerable morbidity and healthcare costs in Australia, affecting 11.2% of the population.

Clinically, there are differences between diagnosing and managing asthma for small children, older children, adolescents and adults. Additionally, the asthma management paradigm continues to shift, particularly after the release of the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) strategy report in April 2019, which recommended a change to first-line treatment of adults and adolescents with mild asthma.

As a result NPS Medicine wise, supported by the National Asthma Council, Asthma Australia, and the Lung Foundation Australia, have released the new education program as well as professional and consumer resources to help manage Asthma in paediatrics.

NPS MedicineWise plan to release more resources later in the year that focus on adults and adolescents.

To find the resources go to NPS MedicineWise latest education program.