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Mental Health not-for-profit Beyond Blue has released two freely available resources to help people find reliable treatments for anxiety and depression, drawing on work from researchers at the University of Melbourne.

A guide to what works for anxiety and A guide to what works for depression, analyse “440 psychological, medical and complementary approaches used to treat anxiety and depression” according to Beyond Blue.

Drawing on scientific studies and literature that supports each approach, the researchers allocated a thumbs-up/down ranking system to rate the available evidence base, with around two-thirds of the listed treatments found to work.

Those treatments that required more evidence to validate a particular approach are tagged with a question mark in the booklets.

According to Beyond Blue’s Lead Clinical Adviser Dr Grant Blashki, with many people turning to questionable treatments due to ‘fake news’, the booklets were an essential aid that provided reliable advice for those seeking help with their mental health.

“We live in a time of fake news when the online world spruiks many questionable mental health therapies and treatments, so it is important that people have access to simple, evidence-based advice about what actually works,” Dr Blashki said.

“These guides take the guesswork out of knowing which treatments are available in Australia and what the international scientific studies say about how well they work.”

However, while he said the booklets would be helpful for both patients and medical practitioners, he cautioned to seek professional advice before utilising any of the treatments.

“When an intervention is shown to have some effect in research, it does not necessarily mean it is available, used in clinical practice, or work equally well for every person,” he said.

“There is no substitute for the advice of a qualified mental health practitioner who can advise on the best available treatment options tailored to the specific needs of individuals.”

If you are concerned about yourself or someone you know, Beyond Blue’s free Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service can be accessed at or by telephone at 1800 512 348 on a 24/7 basis.

It’s regular support service also remains available 24/7 by telephone at 1300 224 636, with also available from 3pm to midnight AEST for web chat. Emails will receive a response within 24 hours.