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The ANMF is offering two new courses on documentation as part of its Continuing Professional Education (CPE) website, with nurses and midwives set to benefit from the ability to hone their skills in a critical area of professional practice.

The two units, Fundamentals of Documentation and Advanced Documentation, offer different access points to understanding documentation.
The first unit is an introductory course that adds up to an hour of CPD, covering all relevant legal and professional standards, while the second unit (three hours of CPD) builds on the first course’s content by adding greater detail and supplementing the learnings with case studies drawn from both national and international contexts.

ANMF Federal Education Officer Jodie Davis said documentation is a critical part of nursing and midwifery work, but that its importance can be underestimated because it is both a regularly performed activity and a task affected by the other demands of a shift.

“It’s something that we do every single day, we just don’t always think about it,” Ms Davis said.

“I think nurses and midwives don’t really understand the impact of having really good, regular, frequent, accurate documentation to… protect themselves, their clients, and the organisation they work for.

“They’re live documents that can be kept and pulled at any time to prove that you actually provided the right level of care.”

Additionally, Ms Davis said she has received reports from the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) that notifications have been issued due to poor documentation standards, strongly recommending the courses to those who want to guard themselves against such fears. “This [the courses] can actually guide you in preventing you from making errors that might lead to a notification against you,” she said.

While the two units overlap in content, the introductory course is not a prerequisite for the longer unit, with nurses and midwives able to progress straight to Advanced Documentation should they not wish to complete the Fundamentals course first.

The program can be accessed at the ANMF’s CPE website, with QNMU and ANMF NT members able to access the courses for free, while other members can access the courses at a discounted rate. Non-members are also able to access the courses at the regular price.