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Meet Robynne – midwife, women’s champion and Nurses & Midwives Health member

Registered nurse and midwife, Robynne is no stranger to supporting women through one of their most exhilarating (and challenging) life experiences – the birth of their new babies.

For over 15 years, Robynne has worked in a range of settings from the birth suite and postnatal ward to clinical education and more recently as a lactation consultant.

While there are so many rewarding aspects to her career, Robynne particularly loves being part of what she says is one of the most pivotal moments in people’s lives – bringing a new baby into the world.

A deep understanding of what parents are going through

According to Robynne, being a good midwife is all about supporting the decisions of the woman she’s caring for, being an advocate and helping parents navigate their birthing experience.

Now she has three young children herself, Robynne has a different level of empathy for what women might be feeling about pregnancy and giving birth. She loves sharing her knowledge with parents to give them more confidence as they embark on life with their new babies.

Her years of experience have also made Robynne more conscious of the fact that not all birth experiences are positive ones. She says one of the hardest parts of her role is caring for parents who are dealing with loss, and that by evolving her language and communication style, she has learnt how to better connect with and be there for these families in their most difficult times.

Trusting Nurses & Midwives Health to look after her family

As someone who works on the frontline of healthcare, Robynne is acutely aware of the kind of health and wellbeing support she wants for her family – in good times and bad. That’s why she’s chosen Nurses & Midwives Health to help care for her and her young family.

Robynne says that having private health insurance is important to her, not least because it provided cover for private obstetric care when having her babies.

“Nurses & Midwives Health understands nurses’ and midwives’ needs and the demands they face, which is why they’re trusted by a growing number of healthcare professionals.

Being healthcare experts themselves, Nurses & Midwives Health’s members often choose Hospital cover to give them greater choice and control over how and when they receive treatment should they need to go to hospital.

And with Extras cover, members and their families are covered for things like optical, dental, podiatry and physio – and even gym membership to improve a health condition (including their mental health!).

Health insurance that cares for the carers

There are many reasons more and more people across Australia are choosing Nurses & Midwives Health to look after them and their families:

  • An understanding of nurses and midwives – Healthcare professionals spend their days (and nights!) caring for others – both at work and home. So Nurses & Midwives Health was set up to take care of the carers.
  • Not-for-profit health insurance – Nurses & Midwives Health is a not-for-profit health insurer that aims to provide members with better value health cover. It’s part of Teachers Health Group, which has been around for nearly 70 years.
  • Help with the big things – Healthcare workers know first-hand what it’s like to have to go to hospital, so it’s good to know that as a private patient you can choose your own doctor and avoid long public hospital wait lists.
  • Help with the everyday things – Extras cover can help with day-to-day health expenses like dental health (encouraging those regular check-ups!), as well as optical, physio, chiro, podiatry and psychology.
  • Extra support for body and mind – Working in healthcare means nurses and midwives also value expert support for things like having a baby, health conditions, weight loss and mental wellness.

To learn more about health insurance or to compare your current cover, see what Nurses & Midwives Health can do for you. You can also hear more real stories from members.

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