Care Support Worker


Aspen Medical Group has been asked by the Commonwealth Government to establish an emergency interim staffing capability to assist Aged Care Services (Residential and In the Home) where the usual workforce has been impacted by the 2020 COVID19 outbreak. We have established this position description to describe one of the roles we will use to deploy that response. In the ideal world, many of these roles would require previous experience and/or formal training in the Aged Care sector. Given the urgency of the current situation, and given this is an emergency measure, we have relaxed some of those requirements, choosing instead to focus on the basic, core skills required (e.g. cooks need to be experienced, competent and qualified commercial cooks), and have relaxed some requirements about previous aged care experience and/or qualifications. All deployments MUST be approached on a ‘Safety First’ basis, including strict adherence to infection control protocols.
Under these programs, staff will be deployed to assist Aged Care Services, sometimes in remote locations, and it is essential that deployed staff will be able to learn and adapt and assist in the provision of safe, effective interim care to the elderly consumers in what may be a complex, fast changing environment.

1. Position Overview
The Care Support Worker is responsible for providing personal care for aged care consumers in accordance with the care plan developed in collaboration with the consumers, their medical officer and other members of the health care team. The Care Support Worker’s responsibilities may include monitoring and communicating consumer condition, assisting with personal hygiene, providing meals and other health and wellness related activities. The Care Support Worker will demonstrate a commitment to best practice care, ensure that all care is provided in a caring and respectful way in accordance with the policy and procedures of the Service to which they are deployed

2. Key Outcomes
A good outcome from a deployment would be:
• Residents receive safe, effective and compassionate care;
• Infection control is effectively managed and further spread of COVID19 is avoided;
• The Care Support Worker works alongside of and supports other members of the workforce, and the care team, to ensure that care is delivered within scope of practice, is evidence based and is safe and high quality
• Effective relationships are developed with residents, their families or carers and members of the health care team.

3. Primary Duties and Responsibilities
• Provide Individualised and Personalised Care according to the individual care plan.
• Diligently apply stipulated infection control measures and strategies.
• Maintain and enhance the dignity, integrity, rights and confidentiality of consumers
• Understand, and adhere to the guidelines, principles, policies and protocols, OH&S policies and work practices of the Facility or Service you are deployed to.
• Monitor and report on client’s conditions as required
• Provide information and feedback to Aspen staff, and other health professionals as required
• Ensure team members, clients, consumers and visitors are safe and accurately report any incidents, hazards and near misses in a timely and professional manner.
• Ensure safe management and use of equipment; assist with preventative maintenance and do not use unsafe equipment.
• Seek assistance from other relevant team members when tasks fall outside of your knowledge or area of responsibility and/or where issues are unclear or beyond your abilities and qualifications.
• Comply with and maintain all privacy legislation requirements and relevant confidentiality policies when communicating information pertaining to consumers, team members and the operations of the facility.
• Comply with the facilities standards regarding client and resident documentation.
• Report any unsafe situations/incidents (including ‘near misses’) according to the OHS reporting procedures of Aspen and the aged care service at which you are working.
• Take care for your own health and safety and that of others in the workplace.

4. Selection Criteria
Qualifications Required:

• Current eligibility to work in Australia.
• Compassion and a commitment to providing continuity of care to elderly residents impacted by the COVID19 outbreak.
• Diligence and attention to detail – willingness to carefully follow instructions and apply guidelines and procedures, particularly around infection control.
• Flexibility – preparedness to learn on the job and work in a fast-evolving environment.
• Commitment to personal safety, and the safety of consumers and all other stakeholders.
• Good written and verbal communication skills including computer skills.
• Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality and discretion.
• Ability to use judgement, initiative and common sense when performing duties.
• Ability to be adaptable to various competing demands.
• Willingness to participate in training and education to upskill and enable effective care delivery.
• Excellent time management skills and ability to prioritise in a flexible and adaptable way.

• Qualified Personal Care Worker
• Current or recent aged care knowledge and/or work experience.
• Previous employment experience as a Personal Care Worker

Certificates, licences and registrations

• Current police and Working with Vulnerable People checks OR preparedness to apply for same prior to commencing duty.
• Completion of the Australian Government’s on-line “Infection Control Training COVID19” module and other modules as required by Aspen.

• Certificate III (or higher) in any one of Aged Care, Home and Community Care and Disability
• Current Level II First Aid certificate
• Current Australian Driver’s License with registered vehicle and minimum third-party car insurance
• Experience and/or training in working with people with dementia or with high needs, a/or operating hoists.


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