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On first glance all private health insurance can look the same, so there are some real, tangible advantages to reviewing your cover to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck – for both your health and back pocket.

We know that’s easier said than done. There’s a lot of complexity to wade through in order to understand just what you’re paying for. The ‘too-hard basket’ is surely full of people’s intentions to reassess their private health insurance.

But now’s the best time of the year to do it. So, let’s get you started…

1 Look beyond the price (for now), focus on the cover.

We’re conditioned to get ‘quotes’ when researching health insurance, but the real value comes from reviewing benefits along­side the premium price. Focus your research first on understanding what is and isn’t covered, and to what extent.

2 Do the math

If you’re forking out good money every time you visit your dentist or physio, or buy glasses, perhaps your Extras cover isn’t meeting your needs. The amount a health insurer will pay back on Extras services can vary dramatically. Have you considered you may be better off paying for higher quality insurance so you spend less at the counter and are covered for the unforeseen?

 3 Don’t get caught out by T&Cs

Comparing hospital cover isn’t about predicting what health services you may require, but feeling confident you’ll be covered if and when you need it. Keep exclusions, co-payments and excesses top of mind when you’re reviewing your cover. Trust us, it’s better to be aware of these traps now than find out when you’re faced with a trip to hospital.

4 Pay attention to the ‘other stuff’

It may sound silly, but do you trust that your health insurer will look after you when you need them? Ask yourself:

  • Are you happy with their customer service? Can you talk to a real person without waiting on hold forever?
  • Do they have a good reputation? Are current members satisfied or are there a stack of complaints sitting with the ombudsman?
  • Is it easy to make a claim?
  • Are you free to visit the provider of your choice?
  • Are there any benefits that really set them apart? (Is there a rollover benefit? Is Ambulance cover included?)

5 Take a shortcut

Health insurance staff are poised and ready to provide ‘benefit comparisons’ for you. It’s their job, make use of it. Having a real person help you compare covers has a lot of advantages over using comparison websites. So, once you’ve narrowed down a list of potential insurers, ask each to do a benefit comparison with the other insurers on your list. Refer to steps 1-4 when you review the information they give you.

 How we can help

As a member of the emergency services community, chances are you and your family are eligible to join Emergency Services Health, brought to you by Police Health Limited, a not-for-profit private health insurance fund for the emergency services community. Our members distinct needs are our priority, that’s why we specialize in top cover, anything less would be a disservice to you. Here’s just some of the reasons why our cover is like no other.

  • Backed By Police Health, who have a 99% Member Satisfaction Rating#
  • Generous Benefits – 80% of the Service Fee on most Extras claims*
  • Exclusive Rollover Benefit on most Extras service categories*
  • One of the Highest Paying Benefits for Psychology and Counselling in Australia*
  • No Excess, or Exclusions on Hospital Cover*
  • Not-For-Profit & Members Own: Members are the top priority, there’s no shareholders or overseas owners.

 For a benefit comparison against your current provider or other insurers you’re considering, give Emergency Services Health a call on 1300 703 703 or email


*Waiting periods and other conditions apply. Doctors, Hospitals and Service Providers must be recognised by us. Rollover Benefit available after 12 months (2 years for major dental). #Discovery Satisfaction Research 2021.