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Search the internet and you will find a plethora of material on how the tone of your morning can determine the tone of your day.

It’s true starting your morning in a frenzy – ie. snoozing your alarm, skipping breakfast, and rushing yourself out the door can reflect that mood of chaos for the day ahead.

Yet while not disputing the benefits of morning rituals, is it possible for shift workers to undertake a healthy routine when every minute of sleep counts, particularly when working the night before?

All things are possible and with a little planning and self-discipline, incorporating these quick and easy morning routines will start your day right and get you through your busy shift.

 1.  Cleanse

First thing in the morning drink lemon with warm water – you can save your caffeine fix for later.

Lemon juice is a liver cleanser that helps flush out toxins, maintains the pH balance of the body and fights immune deficiencies.

Most importantly, lemon juice with warm water provides electrolytes to the body, therefore keeping you hydrated longer.

2.  Move your body

While there may be no time for yoga or a workout, five to 10 minutes of exercise or stretches will kick-start your day and keep you energised longer.

There are plenty of five-minute workouts online to try but find one that works the core. Keeping the core strong will protect your back from injury while on shift.

A five-minute yoga ritual such as performing a Sun Salutation sequence can also strengthen the muscles in your upper and lower body including your abdomen. Along with many health benefits, yoga encourages proper posture and brings clarity to your mind.

3.  Quiet the mind

Resist facebook and meditate for five minute instead. Meditating before starting your day can have a beneficial impact on how you tackle your shift. Meditation is grounding and can help train your mind and emotions, which then influences how you react to challenges throughout your day. During your meditation set your intention for the day to get clear on how you want your day to go or what you want to feel or accomplish.

4.  Eat breakfast

Importantly eat breakfast. Preparing breakfast the night before will give you precious extra minutes to complete your morning routine. Prepare foods low in GI to help sustain your energy throughout the busy day ahead. Try energy-boosting oats, soaked in liquid overnight, they go perfectly with yogurt and fruit.

Eggs provide a steady sustained energy source. While they make a quick breakfast, sometimes even the five minutes it takes to make a scramble is too long. Instead, hard-boil eggs the day before for a quick breakfast in the morning.

Now that you have completed your morning routine, go and enjoy a great day ahead.