Transplant Nurses’ Association National Conference

Date & Time
26 - 27 October 2023

The annual conference of the Transplant Nurses’ Association encourages and educates all health professionals working in organ donation and transplantation who are interested in the transplant field and related fields.

It provides a chance to network with members who share an interest in transplantation, as well as to discuss and investigate professional and ethical problems. The conference fosters and facilitates a collaborative environment in which transplant health professionals may give the best possible patient care.

Given 2023 is the year Sydney hosted the first World Pride in the Southern Hemisphere, it is only right that the committee was inspired by this year’s conference theme of Inclusion, Diversity, and Empowerment.

Inclusion is the practice of ensuring of belonging and support from an organisation. Diversity is the presence of difference in a given setting this can mean a difference in race, ethnicity, gender, identity, age and more. The process of empowering individuals is cultivating an environment in which they are provided with the opportunity to fully participate, regardless of their history, abilities, or experiences.

Keynote Speakers

Professor Munjed Al Muderis – Orthopaedic surgeon and a clinical lecturer at Macquarie University and The Australian School Of Advanced Medicine. Professor Al Muderis specialises in hip, knee, trauma and osseointegration surgery. A former refugee, he is now a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, Chairman of the Osseointegration Group of Australia, and in 2020, Professor Al Muderis was named NSW Australian of the Year.

Ms Sarah Morse – With over 20 years experience as a nurse, specialising in cancer services, palliative care, and as a humanitarian, Sarah brings a global perspective to healthcare. She is known for her deep commitment to nursing the human spirit. Through her personal experience of burnout, Sarah believes that empowering people to thrive in the workplace is pivotal to a healthy workforce. In 2004 Sarah was named NSW Young Australian of the Year.

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