Stop the Bleed – Use a Lid!

Date & Time
12 December 2022

The ACT and Southern NSW LHD are launching a “Stop the Bleed – Use a Lid” initiative that has been proven to save lives of patients following rupture of dialysis arteriovenous accesses.

AVF (arteriovenous fistula) and AVG (arteriovenous graft) have potential to rupture causing a life-threatening bleed (LTB).
Whilst rare, when it happens it is catastrophic. Modelling initiatives from the UK to assist with stopping the bleed as more than 80% of vascular access life threatening bleeds occur outside the dialysis unit.
Providing education to patients, carers, ambulance officers and emergency departments is crucial as most events occur at home.

Following the catastrophic death of a patient at home and an inquiry into the incident a recommendation was made to roll out the ‘Put a lid on it’ campaign from the UK by the ACT and Southern NSW Local Health District.
With consideration, a committee was formed to improve education and outcomes for patients with dialysis Arteriovenous dialysis accesses and thus “Stop the bleed – Use a Lid” initiative was developed.
With rollout planned for October 2022 listen to the concept, ideas and model used in the ACT & NSW LHD Renal Network.
This has been a network approach with consultation with consumers, carers, vascular access surgeons, nephrologists, renal nurses, ambulance service and emergency department teams.

Date: Monday, 12th December 2022

Time: 5.00pm – 6.00pm AEDT


Initiative Committee

Julie Voutos – Clinical Nurse Consultant (CNC) ACT Renal Unit. Julie has over 20 years’ experience in renal nursing including Haemodialysis, CKD, RSC and dialysis access management.
Mary Bodilsen – Renal Quality Improvement and Research Nurse. Mary has over 20 years’ experience in emergency nursing and renal, she is keen advocate for patient quality in health care and driver of the Stop the bleed initiative in the project team.
Janelle Rae – Renal DHR Support Nurse. Janelle has extensive experience in Renal for over 20 years working in NSW and ACT. She is a driver of the Stop the Bleed initiative and a strong advocate for exceptional care delivery across the renal service.

Other project team members who have significantly contributed to the initiative are the dialysis access working group and these include:
Renal Network Director Dr Girish Talaulikar, Senior Vascular Staff Specialist Surgeons, Dr Alister Jones and Dr Gert Frahm Jensen, Pip O’Reilly CNC Renal Southern NSW LHD, Bonny Chen CNC Acute Dialysis Canberra Hospital , Sarah Coleman CNC Canberra Community Dialysis Centre, Julie Green NUM Baxter ACT , Henry Jasi Registered Nurse Baxter Dialysis ACT, Clarissa Bhariri Registered Nurse Baxter Dialysis ACT, Biji John Registered Nurse Canberra Community Dialysis and the Renal Consumer Advisory Committee and The PYE Family.

Host & Q&A Facilitator – Michelle Duddington – RSA Member

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