Qld Education Evening – Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Qld Education Evening – Just the Tip of the Iceberg
Date & Time
15 November 2022

The impact of pressure injury on our clients’ lives cannot be underestimated. What we see on the surface can be just the tip of the iceberg; pressure Injury can have lifechanging impacts. In this special session, we will review the current guidelines for pressure injury prevention so that we can ensure we provide evidence-based care to prevent these life changing injuries.The NDIS is designed to assist Australians to remain healthy and active in their community. We’ll also show you how to navigate this complex system so we can assist our clients to access vital funds for equipment resources and wound care consumables.Speakers and Topics:• A Review of the Pressure Injury Guidelines – Tracy Nowicki (CNC Quality Effectiveness Support Team, TPCH)• Navigating the NDIS – Deb Dent (Community Nurse, Spinal Life Australia)• Community Occupational Therapy and Pressure Injury Management – Rachael McDonough and Rebekah Fox (Occupational Therapists from Mater at Home)Tickets:Wounds Australia Members – $39Non-members – $59Online live streaming (for members only) – $19

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