Matt Ball Pre-Conference Workshop

Matt Ball Pre-Conference Workshop
Date & Time
12 October 2022


ACNP has reduced the non-member price for the ACNP National Pre-Conference Mental Health Workshop ‘Just Listening: Alternatives in understanding emotional distress.’

The non-member price is now $375 – saving Delegates $175.00. We are hoping that you can pass this saving and information about the workshop onto your members, students, and staff.

About Matt Ball, NP:

The workshop is presented by Matt Ball, a mental health practitioner, trainer and Founder/Director at the Humane Clinic, Adelaide.  Matt is also trained as a psychotherapist and has experiences of being labelled as experiencing ‘schizophrenia’ in the 1990’s.

Matt is the first Author of Dissocaichotic framework and the Suicide Narratives approach, models that underpin the work of the Humane Clinic in providing a non-apologising alternative to the mental health system.

Matt was previously awarded Australian Mental Health Nurse of the Year and in 2021 Matt has led a team opening the Just Listening Community; a community led emergency department alternative for people in crisis and distress that operates outside of the mental health system.

Program Overview:

The workshop will provide an overview of the Just Listening model that has been successfully delivered as an alternative to emergency departments and other mental health services in SA. The Just Listening model provides an alternative way to be with individuals in emotional distress and incorporates modern non diagnostic frameworks. The workshop will introduce attendees to the following frameworks that make up the approach: – Power Threat Meaning Framework – Dissociachotic – Suicide Narratives – Emotional CPR In addition, the workshop will also provide opportunity to practice Just Listening approach, recognising the approach as a fundamental component of nursing within all advanced practice roles.

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