Jean Hailes Women’s Health Week : 4-8 September

Date & Time
04 - 08 September 2023

Jean Hailes Women’s Health Week will be held from 4 to 8 September 2023. This year’s program will feature new resources and information on hormones, PCOS, menopause, cervical screening self-collection, heart health, persistent pelvic pain and nutrition. Event registrations open on 8 May but you can sign up today to keep up to date with all the details.

Key dates

8 May: Event registrations open. Promotional and health resources available online.

Late May: Bag orders open exclusively to event hosts. Only while stock lasts.

31 July: Bag orders close.

4 September: Event registrations close. All health content available online.

4–8 September: Jean Hailes Women’s Health Week.

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