Is he really infertile? Let’s talk about sperm

Is he really infertile? Let’s talk about sperm
Date & Time
20 August 2022
Webinar/Online Event

This online course will provide essential and advanced knowledge in the field of male infertility and its management, focussing on its prevalence and causes. Conventional semen parameters will be discussed in context with the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines. Standard and new prospective treatment strategies in assisted reproductive technologies will be presented.

The live webinar sessions will be facilitated by practicing clinicians from a range of disciplines including, andrologists, endocrinologists, embryologists, reproductive scientists, general practitioners, and others presenting contemporary clinical evidence-based practice recommendations with Q&A.

Learning Outcomes:

·  Identify clinically significant semen analysis results in general practice according to the current World Health Organisation classification

·  Evaluate male patients’ preconception health and fertility using conventional and novel diagnostic methodologies

·  Implement treatment strategies for male infertility patients based on clinical characteristics and semen parameters

·  Critique the clinical management strategies available for males’ presenting infertility

·  Refer male patients to assisted reproductive services when indicated


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