Creating a personalised model of care

Date & Time
15 December 2022
Person-centred care is widely recognised as a foundation for safe, high-quality healthcare.
Understanding the characteristics of organisations that deliver excellent person-centred care can help guide improvement across the healthcare system and create better health outcomes.
Join us in December, for the first webinar in a free series, Person-Centred Care in Practice, where we will talk to industry experts about everything from practical guidance and implementation to improved patient outcomes through real-life case studies.

In our first webinar, creating a personalised model of care, we will hear from Miranda Shaw, General Manager at the Royal Prince Alfred (RPA) Virtual Hospital, about the pioneering person-centred care model at the heart of this new hospital. At the forefront of virtual care, this award-winning hospital is delivering world-leading person-centred care.

There will also be an opportunity to engage via a live Q&A session.


  • Anna Flynn, Director – Partnering with Consumers ACQSHC, will explore the attributes of high-performing person-centred healthcare organisations and the Commission’s work on person-centred care.
  • Miranda Shaw, General Manager of the Royal Prince Alfred Virtual Hospital, will detail the person-centred approaches and strategies successfully deployed at RPA Virtual.

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