47th International Mental Health Nursing Conference

Date & Time
13 - 15 September 2023

The ACMHN hosts the International Mental Health Nursing Conference annually as a face-to-face event welcoming between 400 to 500 delegates over three days. The Conference is in its 47th year with a rich history of providing the stage for showcasing excellence in mental health nursing.

The Conference is an opportunity to network with national and international delegates and establish collaborative partnerships to enhance health outcomes for consumers, their family and carers, and the community more broadly.

Our aim for the International Mental Health Nursing Conference is to create an environment that is conducive to sharing knowledge, relationship building, and collaborative practice. We seek to enhance and support capacity building and strengthening of the mental health sector more broadly, and the profession of mental health nursing through providing productive partnership opportunities for stakeholders, healthcare agencies and educational institutions. 

The conference theme Mental Health Nursing – Unleash the Potential  identifies the need to remove the restrictions placed on mental health nurses’ scope of practice. It is incumbent on mental health nurses to review the past, address the gaps in practice, and place themselves at the forefront of change to ensure we lead and have an impact on the future mental health service delivery. Mental health nurses have the capacity to support individuals and communities to respond to crisis, challenges, and change. To do this we need to develop new models of care, new ways of doing, and new innovations in service delivery to ensure we determine the place mental health nurses will have in this new world of mental health care.

Moreover, as our understanding of the underlying causes of mental distress, and the evidence for the effectiveness of treatments and practices evolves, mental health nurses will need to lead by example in advocating for services that embrace new ways of thinking and working with people in our care.

  • How will mental health nurses contribute to the reform agenda set by Government?
  • How should mental health nurses respond collectively?

  • What opportunities are available for mental health nurses to adapt to and lead changes in thinking and practice?

  • How do we ensure we have a sustainable and skilled mental health nursing workforce into the future?

  • How do we place mental health nurses at the forefront of policy directions moving forward?

This is a pivotal time for our profession and the entire mental health sector. The conference will showcase the unique contribution of mental health nurses and provide an environment for lively collegial discussion and debate on the challenges associated with preparation, recruitment and retention into the specialty. Keynotes will be invited to share with us their ideas around how we ensure that mental health nursing not only survives, but flourishes – now and into the future. A number of panel sessions, workshops and concurrent presentations will provide delegates with opportunities to reconnect, reflect and refresh. Dedicated sessions will support collaboration for each of our special interest groups and sessions for PhD candidates and first time presenters

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