The Microbiome and Probiotics in Infancy

Institution: Qiara


ACM, NZ Council of Midwifery accredited (1 CPE/CPD point)

1.5 hour presentation (including Q&A) covering the latest clinical updates on the microbiome and why optimisation is so crucial in this life stage. Including a review of scientifically researched therapeutic probiotic strains specific for infancy.

Participants will learn about the microbiome, why it is crucial in infancy, what causes dysbiosis and how this is impacting the colonisation of the infant gut. It includes a review of how this is impacting infant outcomes such as colic, reflux, CMP & other allergies and also how this relates to origins of disease & lifetime disease risk. It also includes a thorough research review of probiotics, which strains are clinically effective in this life stage, and why probiotic strain specificity & mechanism of action matter. Including case studies & best practice for prescribing probiotics for infants from newborn – 2yrs old.

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