The Breastmilk Microbiome & The 2022 ABM Mastitis Protocol Update

Institution: Qiara


ACM, NZ Council of Midwifery accredited (1 CPE/CPD point)

1.5 hour presentation covering the latest clinical updates on the breastmilk microbiome and why optimisation is so crucial in this life stage. Including a review of the clinical research & mechanisms of action of the therapeutic probiotic strain in Qiara (Lactobacillus Fermentum CECT5716)

Participants will learn about the breastmilk microbiome, what’s impacting it, & how it is related to breastfeeding outcomes. It includes a review of the updated Academy of Breastfeeding Mastitis Protocol (2022) & best practice when using probiotics and microbiome support to improve breastfeeding outcomes.

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