Sustainable Healthcare in Practice micro-credential (online)

Institution: Monash Sustainable Development Institute


Monash University’s Sustainable Development Institute has developed a first-of-its-kind microcredential in Sustainable Healthcare Practice. At a time when the impacts of climate change, planetary and human health are even more crucial to our daily lives, the 8-week Sustainable Healthcare in Practice microcredential aims to provide practitioners with the tools they need to create an inclusive, equitable, restorative and resilient health system.

Health professionals, health organisations, educators, industry bodies and leading global experts in the field agree that there is a rapidly growing need to understand how the health sector contributes to the current environmental and climate crisis. For those that want to make a difference and contribute positive change, the microcredential will provide the knowledge and skills to create sustainable practice for a healthy future.

Drawing from international and national best practice, evidence and expertise, the course will discuss:

  • Concepts of planetary health and sustainable healthcare
  • Social and structural determinants of health inequity
  • How the health sector contributes to the current environmental and climate crises
  • Insights from systems perspectives and behavioural science to influence change
  • Pathways to decarbonise healthcare and achieve net zero carbon
  • Circular economy concepts and their application to healthcare
  • Case studies of sustainable healthcare practice in energy, water, procurement, transport and waste applied to clinical and non-clinical setting



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