Postnatal Care

Institution: Australian College of Midwives

An overview of care during the postnatal period will be given with an emphasis on the emotional components of family health and wellbeing. The course explores the contextual changes in postnatal care over the last decade and the ‘culture of birth’ in the institutions where the majority of women birth in Australia. The importance of perinatal mental health and social and emotional wellbeing will be highlighted. Completing this course will refresh your knowledge in:

  • Changes in postnatal care over the past decade;
  • The needs of women in the postnatal period;
  • The content of postnatal care for the woman and her baby;
  • The importance of assessing each woman’s emotional health, coping strategies and physical wellbeing at each postnatal contact;
  • Available resources to assist midwives in giving women evidence based, consistent information and support with breastfeeding;
  • The needs of women with complex care requirements in the postnatal period;
  • Promoting quality and safety in maternity care


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