Nurses Board of Victoria Legacy Ltd Minor Grants

We have simplified the application process with a single application form . If you are a Registered or Enrolled Nurse or a Registered Midwife, working in Victoria and are undertaking study, research or educational activities in 2021, we encourage you to apply for an NBVLL grant or fellowship.

Categories for NBVLL grant allocation for 2021:

  1. General
  2. Oncology and Palliative
  3. Haematology and other blood cancer
  4. Barwon region
  5. Leadership
  6. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
  7. Enrolled Nurse

Minor Grant applications close 4pm Sunday 27th of September 2020

Grant review process
Applications are accepted from Nurses and Midwives working in Victoria. Each application is assessed and scored by two board members. Applications are then ranked. The highest ranked applications will be submitted to the full board for consideration and progression. The board may request additional information and/or an interview to assist with the final selection process.

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