Introduction to Aboriginal Cultural & Community Awareness

Institution: Walya Productions


Aboriginal culture and history are over 50,000 years old making Aboriginal Australians the longest living culture on the planet. We can not condense and give justice to the depth, sophistication and richness of our culture in such a short time frame.

Walya Productions have specifically designed a 3-hour course, all of which counts towards your continuing professional development (CPD) for all nurses and midwives in Australia, so you can be introduced to the complexity, sophistication of our community structures, cultural protocols, belief systems and values.

You will learn about amazing facts and inventions, about our sophisticated kinship systems, the amazing story of Maudie and Olive Kennedy, and you will understand how policies impacted on Aboriginal people and why Governments are committed to redressing the impact.

Come and enjoy our special Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation introductory price as we walk alongside you on your journey. In doing so we hope it inspires you to learn more of Australians rich culture and it assists you with understanding our legacy.

Why do Walya’s e-learning Course?

1. Informs and assist you with making your work environment culturally safe.
2. Develops a better appreciation of First Australians culture, community and history.
3. Provides knowledge and awareness for better engagement and understanding of community needs.


Walya Productions is 100 per cent Aboriginal-owned. Walya means earth in the Warlpiri language and our logo represents our central Australian origins.

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