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To acknowledge International Day of Peace, a global meditate at 9 pm AEST tonight will create a 24-hour chain of meditations worldwide, with the purpose of joy, peace, and inner strength experienced as a collective.

According to organisers, The Heartfulness Institute, the free meditation for a Peaceful Planet, broadcasted worldwide in 28 languages on YouTube and Facebook, will have enormous healing energy that could change the world.

The Institute said last year’s event attracted over 30 million people worldwide, connecting them through two live events.

With the unrest and instability felt globally and the uncertainty created by COVID-19 and Climate Change, including social polarisation, the organisers believe the meditation will be an opportunity for everyone to find some calm within the storm and to revel in collective joy and peace, finding inner strength, serenity, and compassion.

“Over one billion people around the world are currently suffering from a mental condition, most of them with either anxiety or depression (WEF), and 75% of them remain untreated,” The Heartfulness Institute said.

According to the Institute, in August 2021, Lifeline recorded its highest number of daily calls in the organisation’s history.

“As Australians continue to endure lengthy lockdowns, support services deal with an influx of calls and people reaching out for mental health support services.”

“The true power of Peace Day will be felt as everyone comes together to meditate, creating a 24-hour chain of mediations around the world.”

The Schedule:
Date: Tuesday, 21 September 2021
8:30 pm AEST: Celebrate Peace: Inspirations of Peace from Around the World

Peace messengers will come together from around the world with a live dialogue between Daaji, the Heartfulness Guide, and Jeremy Gilley, the founder of Peace One Day.

Speakers will dive into topics such as peace and how to carry this one day for the rest of the year.

Messages from other peace messengers will include the award-winning director, Shekhar Kapur, actor Kabir Bedi, and a panel of young women worldwide who are making a difference.

Time: 9 pm AEST: Create Peace: Guided Meditation for World Peace

Everyone will come together to meditate at 9 pm local time, creating a 24-hour chain of meditations around the world.

To register for Guided Meditation for World Peace, go to: